datacenter and location

AlexHost data-center  is located in The Republic of Moldova (Chisinau) on the former war plant territory in bomb-shelter 5 meters below the ground. Opened: March 2010 , Capacity: 2500+ Servers


AlexHost data-center Summary

 ► Electricity:

Data center is powered by 2 independent direct inputs (from different substations). Switching between inputs is provided by personal ATS. The total feeder capacity is 1.6 Megawatts.

Power continuity is provided by UPS's and personal SDMO (brand name) diesel generator.

 ► Internet:

Two independent inputs from two companies: 10 Gbit /s each. At the moment, the total channel width is 20 Gbit/s. The channels are constantly expanding, under the necessities and/or needs of our major Customers.

 ► Network:

Each cable has been lovingly crimped and thoroughly verified for efficiency. The network is based solely on the cables of 6th category. Routing within the network is provided by Cisco.

 ► Cooling:

ПConstant temperature in the data-center is maintained within 24-27 degrees Celsius. Cooling is reserved under N + 1 scheme. The average annual is PUE 1.2.

 ► Security:

Data-center is being guarded by 2 independent security agencies. The whole area preceding data-center has installed surveillance cameras and security guards throughout the perimeter.

 ► Anti-DDos attacks up to 500 gigabits per second security measures:

Protection provided by Voxility. Direct optical channel to Romania to Voxility data-center is provided by our partners.